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In our studios, we have taught hundreds of couples how to dance for their Wedding and can show you how to look great, and feel confident and comfortable on your special day.

Looking and feeling elegant on the dance floor just takes time and practice, which is why all couples will have some wedding dance lessons leading up to their big day. Our friendly and experienced instructors can teach you to dance to any song, and in any dance style!

Don’t leave it until the last minute – trust in our experience and leave the rest up to us!




Wedding Dance Lessons Adelaide & Melbourne


Congratulations To You Both!

Your wedding is coming up and now it’s time to think about your First Dance. Whether you’d like a simple, more traditional dance or a fun and upbeat routine, we can teach you to dance in any styles! Our teachers are experts in all levels beginners to advanced. You will look and feel great, with the confidence to truly enjoy your First Dance together.

Wedding Dance Lessons Adelaide & Melbourne


 Why Wedding Dance Lessons?

Looking and feeling comfortable on the dance floor just takes time and practice, which is why most couples will have some wedding dance lessons before their special day. The aim is to look smooth and natural in your dancing, without needing to think about the actual “dance steps”. Being prepared will give you the confidence to truly shine! That’s where we come in.

Wedding Dance Lessons Adelaide & Melbourne


What We Suggest

Come in at least 5 to 6 months before the wedding so you have time to learn at your own pace, with no stress. Try not to leave it until the very last minute! (Although we can help there too!) For many couples, things can get quite hectic in the months just before the wedding, so it’s best to start lessons early enough to relax and enjoy this amazing experience. FAQ below.



Wedding dancing lessons adelaide wedding dance lessons

At a Glance

Not sure what to expect? Don’t worry, we’re here every step of the way! We understand that for many couples, the wedding dance may be their first time dancing together. Our friendly and experienced teachers will make you feel comfortable and you’ll be able to dance from your very first lesson with us!

  • Easy and fun wedding dance lessons
  • Private 50 min wedding dance lessons
  • From beginners to advanced
  • All dance styles
  • Friendly, experienced instructors
  • Special dance highlights and signature moves
  • Capture your First Dance in photography and videography
  • Lessons for your bridal party, parents or Hens Night
  • Music editing included +more

Come in for your first free dance lesson and feel the difference – trust in our experience and leave the rest up to us! View FAQ


Rosie & George’s Story

We decided we needed some help learning our wedding dance and looking back, I’m so glad we chose Steven Kelly! My fiancé and I were not sure what to expect, neither of us had ever danced before and we were both quite nervous but we felt we were in the right hands from the very start. Just a few lessons in, we had so much more confidence in ourselves and our dancing! I’ve loved the overall experience here and our lessons gave us the chance to catch-up regularly and take time to relax as a couple. Both our teachers were fantastic, knowledgeable and lovely! They gave us just what we wanted, a slow-ish romantic dance with a surprise ending. We had many guests who came up to us afterwards and raved abut our dance so I’d definitely recommend anyone to come here! You won’t regret learning from the pros”  – Rosie & George


Frequently Asked Questions

What dance style should we learn for our Wedding Dance?

The type of dance style you will learn typically depends on your chosen song/s.

We can teach you to dance in all styles, depending on the “look” and “feel” that you’re after. From a simple, traditional dance to something more upbeat and modern. Another option is to use a couple of songs and have the best of both worlds! Popular dance styles include: Rumba, Waltz, Salsa, Tango, Foxtrot, Top 40s, Blues, Bachata, Rock ‘n’ Roll plus funky styles like Hip Hop or special requests like Dirty Dancing, Ed Sheeran videos, Michael Jackson and other YouTube sensations. Haven’t chosen a song yet? No worries, we can still get you started.

When should we start our dance lessons?

We recommend you start minimum of 5 months before your big day. Most couples start 6 to 8 months before, whilst others give themselves more time depending on the total number of dances and styles, together with song choice, complexity level and the couple’s desired results!

You don’t necessarily need to have lessons all the way up until the wedding, but you’ll be glad you started early because dancing is all about learning new skills. The more time you give yourselves to learn at your own pace and to practice, the better you’ll look and feel on the day. Left it until the very last minute? Don’t worry, we can help there too.

How many lessons will we need?

It really depends. What are your goals, what’s your time-frame and how quickly do you learn?

We can teach anyone to dance, but have found that most couples benefit by coming at least once a week from the time they start their dancing with us. Twice a week if it’s last minute, you have multiple dances or more complexity is involved. The more time you spend on your dancing, the better the end result. Fewer time can leave you looking a bit stiff or robotic, and not allow you to really enjoy the moment – unless you’re both super-quick learners! Whatever your goals, we will create a plan to suit you both.

How flexible are bookings and what exactly is a Private Lesson?

Private Lessons are 1-on-1 dance lessons that are tailored to each couples individual needs. All wedding dance lessons are private lessons as the teacher works on a dance created specifically with your goals in mind! We work on your chosen song and dance styles to suit, you will go at your pace of learning and your First Dance will look and feel exactly the way you imagined it to be. From simple and elegant to funky and fun – every couple is different and we take this into account when teaching you to dance.

Booking with us is easy and flexible – we go by your schedule! Our private lessons are 50 minutes duration and lessons can be booked any days and times to suit you. Lessons can either be booked “as-you-go” or students can have a standard day/time each week if they prefer. If ever you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, just contact us (min 24 hours required) and we will simply re-book your lesson. Have another question or ready to get started? We’re here to help! Please call (08) 8231 8231 or contact us.

Can we include our Bridal Party or have a Father-Daughter dance?

Of course!

Father-Daughter: The father-daughter/mother-son dance is a wonderfully meaningful aspect of the wedding. You can have a separate dance just with your parent, or even learn a few moves to use together throughout the night. No previous dance experience is needed!

Bridal Party: We love teaching and catering to Bridal parties of all sizes! Their group energy can really bring a sense of hype and excitement to the dancing part of your wedding. We have taught Bridal parties everything from simple and fun routines to special requests like Dirty Dancing, YouTube sensations, Traditional & Cultural dancing, and even moves from Magic Mike, Michael Jackson and more! From classy and fun, to sassy and cheeky – we will create something unique to your group! If doing your Wedding Dance with us, your bridal party lessons can be included as part of your wedding dance lessons, at no extra cost! Alternatively, please contact us if you’re looking to do a group-only routine as this is charged per person with a minimum cost per class.

Social Dancing: We know you’ll love learning to dance with us! If you wish to continue your dancing after the wedding or start dancing as a regular activity together, please let your teacher know so we can offer you the best options to suit your needs.



wedding dance lessons adelaideStart your Wedding Dance with us today! Adelaide & Melbourne Lessons

Private wedding dance lessons are 50 mins duration | Prices start from $59 per lesson and valid for either (1) or (2) people | Bookings by appointment call (08) 8231 8231 to book | Lessons must be prepaid before being booked with an instructor | Please give 24 hrs notice to cancel a booking or risk full lesson charge | All private lesson packages are valid for 12 months | There are no refunds on any packages but lessons may be transferable upon enquiry | All services are subject to the studio Terms & Policies.