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7 News Adelaide and 9 News Adelaide altered the interviews I gave them on the 27th of April. They hid a big part of what was observed on the CCTV, and deceived the public.

Acting in this way causes doubts about the integrity of the news on this two TV channels.

About Steven Kelly Assaulted on Hindley Street incident 26 April 2021.

On Monday 26th April I was assaulted on Hindley Street. These people were not drunk and as I saw the next day 27th April, on CCTV footage they had targeted me, seen this video now, I assume that maybe my body camera in an earlier time, recorded something associated with drugs.

On the 27th April I was approached from many news outlets that were requesting an interview of what happened.

In the past and present, when I am required to give an interview I firstly release a written statement, I do that to ensure that the receiver of the interview will have a clear understanding of my views in the particular matter, at the same time this way protects me if any discrepancy occurs.

When 7 News and 9 News contacted my office , the first reply they received for my office was the following written press release.

Part of my press release included that

Hindley Street Is a great place and much needed , not only for our young ones, but for all ages.

There are many businesses here that offer so much to Adelaide and to our tourism. I have met business owners and discussed the issues that their businesses are encountering and discussed Solutions.

Dear friends, over the past 2 years I have felt that the CBS the authorities and the Adelaide City Council, have their focus elsewhere and are not supporting our entertainment strip as needed.

Seeing this, I have taken the initiative to open Hindley Street Central

The objective is to support the surrounding community the businesses, the authorities and the people that want to have a fun night out, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable destination for everyone.”


At the time I was not willing to interact with the news media, but after insisting for an interview I did.

In the interviews I did say clearly to 7 News and 9 News, that I was targeted and that the people that were involved, were not drunk, but both news outlets altered my interview, and said they were drunk!

I do not know the reason, why 7 News and 9 News twisted things and wanted to give an other view of what really happened.

Here you can see the two news reports that 7 News and 9 News aired.

7 News 27th April 6pm Youtube

9 News 27th April 6pm Youtube

7 News 27th April 6pm Facebook

9 News 27th April 6pm website


On the original video I provided to 7 News and 9 News, that the interview was based on, you will see at the lower right side of the screen, a guy with a colorful shirt, and orangish color hair, planning and instructing 3 others, on how to assault me. He’s the guy that was calling the shots! Then you see one of them reaching in his underpants, pulling out 2 packages, that I assume are drugs, and giving them to another guy. He did that to have freedom of movement when the assault would take place. You can see all this clearly on a computer screen.

When the assault occurred, they did not expect that I was capable to hold them in place, so the police can apprehend them, also at the end of the assault, you can see that, I ripped their clothes off, and I still had my suit buttoned up.

This is the video I provided to 7 and 9 News, what they did was take a small part of the video hiding the fact, the guy with a colorful shirt, and orangish color hair, planning and instructing the assault.

Both news media outlets edited the video and created an entirely different story of what in reality happened, that was the story they wanted on air.

What was more surprising was that both 7 and 9 News, though they are supposed to be different TV channels, they altered the story in the same way, though I gave them separate interviews over the phone, and in a different time of the day. I have recorded this phone Interviews to, as I know that some times the media can twist things around.

The point I am making is that 7 News and 9 News lied to the public, hid the fact that I was targeted, they hid the fact that drugs may be involved, and they took out of the picture the guy with a colorful shirt and orangish color hair, the guy that orchestrated and directed the assault.

During the interview at some stage I did say, that the reason I’m releasing the CCTV footage is to identify the people that were involved.

7 News and 9 News not only altered the story, they did not give us the opportunity to identify them as they were obligated to do so.

As now I’m making this public, I am requesting within the next 7 days, that you 7NEWS Adelaide and 9 News Adelaide both publicly apologize to me and your viewers, for altering my interview and giving a different meaning of what really happened.

Also I request you redo and air a new news report about this matter, with what was really said in the interviews by me, and describe in detail what really is observed on this CCTV video that my interview was based on.

Should this request be ignored, I will seek legal recourse for this purpose.

You can see the original video here:

Steven Kelly

Published on Facebook 30th April 2021

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