An Open Letter to Scott Morrison Prime Minister of Australia

Dear Prime Minister, Premiers, Government Officials, Chief Health Officers and Public Servants,

I would like to thank every one of you and your departments for the prompt actions taken during the early stages of this crisis. I do believe this was the only way for you to protect us from the unknown, at that time. The COVID 19 virus was very new to all of us, at that time we only had global prediction models to hypothesize the future course of this pandemic.

Over the course of several months, legitimate hard data has since been collected. However, I feel that we are still acting according to those old model predictions; instead of using the hard data we have collated over the last 7 months to directly inform us as a nation, and act accordingly.

The public perception of the probability of contracting the virus and the chances to recover is shaped by the relevant statistical figures released by our respective governments. Those figures feed the entire spectrum of our own reactions to COVID-19 — including fear and negligence. A balanced take on Covid and a proper course of action to deal with the pandemic means the information provided by governments must be complete, valid and reliable.

Unfortunately, that is not happening in many cases.

We ask immediately that you release an accurate, detailed report of Australia’s COVID-19 deaths to the public which MUST include:

  • Age
  • Did the individual have any pre-existing, underlying medical conditions or diseases? Were they terminal ill?
  • How was the virus contracted (origin)
  • Location of the person where virus was contracted (source)
  • Where was the individual when they died eg. house, hospital, aged care facility
  • Did the individual die FROM Covid or WITH Covid?

The current information published on is inadequate and incomplete.

Death data during the COVID-19 pandemic is vital information, and how deaths are reported is so important! Data must include the underlying cause of death, any associated causes and any relevant descriptions in each case.

Additionally, the names of the Medical Practitioner and/or Coroner who signed the death certificate must also be disclosed. Any other relevant information which does not reveal the personal identity of the individual must also be included.

There are those of you that state you cannot release more public information due to privacy reasons. Yet, on the other hand you are asking all Australians to forget life as they have known it. Without this transparent information, you cannot justify what you are putting the people through!

Giving complete data information about the deaths of our fellow citizens does not breach their privacy for the simple reason that the information will not include names, addresses or any specific identifiable traits.

What people are going through:

The Australian people are being bombarded with doomsday scenarios every single day, over the course of many months. Fear mongering has hit the roof; Suicides; Domestic Violence have specifically increased as have deaths from typically non-threatening diseases due to non-treatment out of people fearing they will contract the virus if they go to the hospital, or due to the enforced lock-downs. The elderly have been deprived of their loved ones and are dying alone; families are deprived of seeing them and saying farewell. Kids are deprived of socializing, affection, friendships and fun – which has been replaced with being wary and fearful of others. Parents are in despair, confused on what is right and wrong, and how they can protect their family.

The economy has plummeted. Jobs lost and thousands of businesses closed forever. Years of hard work gone.

The structure of society and life as we know has crumbled down and as things are progressing – our Mental Health could be the next pandemic!

Covid-19 and Politics:

It seems that this pandemic is turning more into a political agenda; with a handful of politicians, key players and media outlets trying to benefit at the expense and fear of the people, with the goal of prospering from this crisis. It seems that these entities are using the mentality of “don’t let a good crisis go to waste” in order to further their own goals.

We are seeing only selective expert opinions and news. We see defaming, canceling, trolling, fear of career loss and many other techniques being used in order to silence other scientists, doctors, health servants, journalists, and people that hold another opinion from the adopted mainstream narrative.

“Divide and conquer” is another very old technique that seems to be widely used.  Divide and conquer is the policy of maintaining control over one’s subordinates or opponents by encouraging dissent between them, thereby preventing them from uniting in opposition.

These are historic times we live in, and in the very near future all of you that rule our lives today will be publicly scrutinized. Some will be praised for their actions and the decisions they took, while others will go down in history as incompetent, negligent and later on could even be charged with criminal offences.

You will be stigmatized forever and you, and your families will be outed by history.

To those key decision-makers and officials:

Dear Prime Minister, Premiers, Government Officials, Chief Health Officers and Public Servants, don’t take your actions lightly and don’t underestimate the people as a collective. As these are unprecedented times we are living in, the reaction of the people can be devastating for any next elections and can destabilize our nation. I can foresee the possibility that no one from the current political scene will ever get re-elected if they don’t work fast to bring life back as it was.

As a disclosure, please note that I am not affiliated with any political party and am writing this open letter to all relevant parties involved, no matter their affiliation. We need action now in order to get back on track with our lives.

I have taken this initiative upon me seeing how you are not investigating far enough and considering other scientific sources; and the many other doctors who have important data to share about Covid-19. Their data and information seems to have been suppressed from mainstream media and political inquiry. This information is not readily available and because there are thousands of people who know this and are not getting answers, it propels the theory that something ‘else’ is going on.

This approach of not allowing contradictory information to co-exist fuels conspiracy theories. To put conspiracy theories to rest and gain the trust of the Australian people, we need freedom of information and readily available answers to all the important data.

I would have imagined this to be the obvious approach, however it has not been the case.

Hence the reason for sharing my views and getting involved.

One of the things my father taught me was that to get a good understanding and solve a problem, you must first ask the correct questions, and that’s what I am now doing.

To summarise.

Dear Prime Minister, the first and most important thing we need from you is immediately to release a detailed report of Australia’s COVID-19 deaths to the public, which include the points from above.

Since this pandemic has become an Emergency situation, forced our life in a different direction and circumvented our various rights and liberties, it is now also our right to have access to this data and more detailed information related to Covid 19 deaths. The public are entitled to know!

I will kindly request this vital information to be publicly released within 7 days, and then maintained/updated on any relevant government websites.

Should this request be ignored, I will seek legal recourse for this purpose.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Steven Kelly


To Media Outlets

Due to the importance and critical times we are living in, now more than ever, we need transparency in the news. I would urge you to pause any Covid 19 death announcements, and support my request to have the full data relating to those deaths before reporting.

To Australian Doctors & Health Scientists

Please activate! Get involved and put your experience and knowledge to use.

We are Australia. We cannot afford to follow blindly in the footsteps of foreign countries; or act based on research from countries and/or foreign organisations.

To Police

You have the difficult task of enforcing any government directions; you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

You must of course, do your job but please try as much as possible to understand that the people are confused due to the lack of transparent information. Be cautious, don’t take people’s reactions personally, use non-force where possible.

To Public Servants, Mayors and Council Officials

You have been entrusted by the people to act on their behalf, their well-being, their prosperity. No matter your role, duty and responsibility, you have to get involved and contribute towards clarity, transparency and do what is in your power to relieve the people. If not, your silence can be taken as being complicit to the fear and confusion that exists. We need leaders not followers.

To the Australian People

Dear friends, everyone reacts and has opinions depending on the information they have. Please remember this, respect each other and be mindful.

Follow the rules and government directives.

If you breach the rules knowingly (believing that you are making a statement), then also accept the consequences.

Any acts of protest must be peaceful. If not, you are making things worse for everyone.

If you cop a fine, don’t blame the police as they are just doing their job. Tell them you understand, it was your choice, give them a smile and let it go.

If you get arrested, comply with the police instructions, go peacefully and don’t resist.

Everyone has to be responsible for their actions. We need unity in order to get over this crisis as best as possible!

To Everyone

Now that you aware how politics and politicians can affect our way of living to such a great extent, it’s our duty and responsibility to stay informed, and make sure to vote in any upcoming elections.

Please share my request .

Be patient and stay safe.

We will all get through this!


I would like to ask any health scientists, doctors, lawyers, news media companies etc. that can contribute toward the pursuit of freedom of information, please contact me at


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