Dear Friends,
These last months I have received hundreds of emails with opinions and complaints covering a large range of topics about these unprecedented times that we are living through.
Due to the large volume of emails, it is not possible to reply to each individually.
With this in mind, I will be selecting common topics from your emails and posting my views here.
It has come to my attention through various channels including social media, emails and the news that there are people who feel it’s unjust for the police to be enforcing the Covid restrictions around Australia.
I have seen videos of citizens harassing the police and subjected them to general mockery, only because they were asked for their name or drivers licence.
I can understand the frustrations that the Covid restrictions are bringing to everyday lives, however the police are not to be blamed for enforcing these restrictions. To take these frustrations out on the police force is not productive, nor fair.
If you feel the need to cast your disapproval in a specific direction, note that it is the politicians and other decision-makers who have imposed any specific rules that you may be oppose to.
The police are obligated to enforce the law where it is needed; they have to follow instructions and if they don’t, they are not suitable for the job.
That is their role as police they like it or not they must do what they are told.
That is their job.
The men, women and everyone on our police force are here to serve and protect us. They risk their lives on a daily basis and face so many different situations filled with danger, trauma, difficulty and risk. The things they deal with most of us can’t even imagine, or comprehend. 👮
I remember as I was growing up, so many kids would dream about becoming a police officer, a firefighter or a doctor. The ability to help and/or protect their family or loved ones is a dream for many kids.
I’m sure that if you look back now, you might even have been one of those kids, and maybe this was one of your earliest dreams too. The kids of yesterday are your police officers of today, so please remember this when you see them and show them the respect they need in order to do their jobs – they certainly deserve it.
Lastly, now that many of us are more aware how politics can affect our way of living to such a great extent, it’s our duty and responsibility to do our due diligence and make sure we vote in any upcoming elections
Be patient and stay safe.
We will all get through this!
7th Aug 2020
Published On: December 4th, 2020 / Categories: Police, Steven Kelly /

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