Top 10 Healthy Snacks To Eat Before A Class

Top 10 Healthy Snacks To Eat Before Your Next Dance Class Most dancing classes (all ages) require a ton of energy, focus, and strength. Dancers and teachers need to be fueling their

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5 Ways to Stay Motivated During Winter

  5 Ways To Stay Motivated During Winter    We all handle the cold months differently, with some being less affected than others. One things everyone has in common? Less daylight and

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Mid-Year Winter Showcase, Sunday 26 May at The Arkaba

Winter Showcase 2019 - FB Event Cover - Steven Kelly Dance Studios

  It’s Showtime!      

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Best Shoes to Wear to a Heels Class

The Best Shoes to Wear to Heels Class So you’re starting some Heels classes and wondering which shoes to wear so you: DON’T injure yourself Align, strengthen and SUPPORT your body correctly

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Perform at the Winter Showcase 2019

Dance Studio Adelaide Performance Showcase

  CLASSES START: Tuesday 19 March – Sat 25 May (10 weeks). Timetable below. DURATION: 10 weeks – includes classes, performance training, dress rehearsal ALL WELCOME: Students of all classes, schools or

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How Many Calories Can You Burn Dancing?

How many calories can you burn dancing Adelaide dance classes Which dance styles burn the most calories

  Ever wonder what dance workouts can do for your body? And which dance styles burn the most calories? Dancing is a great way to get your heart rate up, get rid

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Do You Have These 5 ‘Good Dance Student’ Qualities?

  Do You Have These 5 Good Dance Student Qualities?   Good teachers want good students, and certain qualities will accelerate your learning as well as the rapport you build with your

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Annual Spring Showcase, Sunday 14 October at The Arkaba

It’s Showtime! Come enjoy a fun night of performances at our annual Spring Showcase, Sunday 14 October at the Arkaba. Join us as we celebrate an amazing year of dance so far

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Perform at the Spring Showcase 2018

Perform with us - Steven Kelly Dance Studios

Learn a Fun Group Routine & Perform at Spring Showcase 2018   Join us as we prepare for our Spring Showcase on Sunday 14 October at the Arkaba! WHY PERFORM? Take your

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5 Tips To Be A Better Social Dancer

5 Tips to be a Better Social Dancer Want to become a better social dancer? Here are our 5 Tips To Be A Better Social Dancer that will help you get to

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Dancing

Top 10 Benefits of Dancing - Ten Health Benefits of Dancing adelaide

  From the thousands of activities you could be doing for your mind, body and soul, few hobbies come with as many health and lifestyle benefits as dancing. It doesn’t matter how young or old you

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New Classes in 2018

  New Classes in 2018   With 2018 just starting out, take a minute to look back and think about things you wish you had started (or continued doing) but didn’t. Whatever they may

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