How Many Calories Can You Burn Dancing?

How many calories can you burn dancing Adelaide dance classes Which dance styles burn the most calories

  Ever wonder what dance workouts can do for your body? And which dance styles burn the most calories? Dancing is a great way to get your heart rate up, get rid […]

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Dancing

Top 10 Benefits of Dancing - Ten Health Benefits of Dancing adelaide

  From the thousands of activities you could be doing for your mind, body and soul, few hobbies come with as many health and lifestyle benefits as dancing. It doesn’t matter how young or old you […]

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New Classes in 2018

  New Classes in 2018   With 2018 just starting out, take a minute to look back and think about things you wish you had started (or continued doing) but didn’t. Whatever they may […]

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Do You Have These 5 ‘Good Dance Student’ Qualities?

Do YOU have these 5 “good dance student” qualities?   Good teachers want good students, and certain qualities will accelerate your learning as well as the rapport you build with your instructor […]

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10 Healthy Snacks To Eat Before A Dance Class

Most dancing classes (all ages) require a ton of energy, focus, and strength. Dancers and teachers need to be fueling their bodies in a healthy way to bust a move! Having a […]

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The Top 12 Best Dance Movies of All Time

top 12 best dance movies of all time

Top 12 Greatest Dance Movies of All Time Looking for inspiration? Love dance?   We want to let you in on our secret addiction, for no other reason than to make sure […]

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About Argentine Tango Class

Argentine Tango (Beginner Courses)   AN INTRODUCTION TO ARGENTINE TANGO Argentine Tango is a partner dance that developed over the last century in Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires. It is very different […]

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How To Choose The Right Song For Your Wedding Dance

  5 Professonal Tips: How To Choose The Right Wedding Dance Song (Songs lists suggestions included) A couple’s first dance as husband and wife is a beautiful and magical time. To look amazing, feel […]

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8 Fun Dance Facts

  8 Dance Facts [PICTURES] Do you know why the Waltz is performed in a close dance hold? Find out why with these 8 Fun Dance Facts!    

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How To Walk In High Heels (A Dancer’s 5 Secret Tips)

How To Walk In High Heels (A Dancer’s 5 Secret Tips)   Nothing completes an outfit or gives a woman an air of grace like a pair of good heels. However, it […]

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Hair Styling For Social Dancing

Hair Styling For Social Dancing   When guys take up salsa dancing or any other form of social latin or ballroom dance, they soon learn that they must simply get used to one […]

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Dancing in High Heels? This one’s for you!

Dancing in High Heels? Women… this one’s for you!   Cinderella went to the ball. She met her Prince Charming, they danced all night and when the clock struck midnight, she went […]

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